Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rabbi responds to my email

I posted this blog a few weeks back "Churchill was Jewish? or The Day the Rabbi Screwed Up" and sent an email to the Rabbi for comment. Here is what he said:

I posted that page without vetting every assertion in it. I looked up the three you mention.

Cary Grant – There is an entirely unsubstantiated rumor that Archibald Leach (Cary Grant’s real name) was born to a Jewish seamstress who worked in his father’s factory and that his mother, Elsie, raised him as her own.

David Bowie seems to have had a Jewish or half-Jewish mother but apparently there was nothing of Judaism in his upbringing. One article I looked at said he has an interest in Kabbalah as part of a general interest in mysticism.

Robert deNiro – His mother was not Jewish but may have had some Jewish ancestry.

I found these things out using Google (e.g., “Robert deniro Jewish mother”) There was a lot of conjecture, some Nazi conspiracy theories, and obvious repition of rumors. One site that looked more accurate is (with some good links).

It’s really nice to know someone actually reads my blog. Maybe I should pay more attention to it. "

Rabbi Philip J. Bentley
Agudas Israel Synagogue
Hendersonville NC

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