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Funny They Don't Look Jewish

12/3/07 Update: Here is the word on the street about their Rabbi: "Their rabbi who was in israel last year is studying in Los angeles at the university of judaism. He leads services once or twice a month at shomrei torah in west hills. It is incredible...he does a friday night service where he plays the drums and guitar with his kids and sings the most beautiful melodies to the same prayers. My parents have had them over for shabbat dinner or lunch many times and they really are fascinating people." Ari in LA
Welcome, The eastern Ugandan town of Mbale is home to a small Jewish community, known as Abayudaya, from the Luganda word for Jews. Shalom - welcome in Hebrew - is painted on the wall of the Hadassah infant and elementary school just outside Mbale. It is the only Jewish primary school in the country and caters to its small community. Hands up! Children wave their hands in the air in response to the question: "Who here is Jewish?" Pupils are taught to chant the Hebrew alphabet and can sing the Israeli national anthem. "We teach them that because all Jewish people are connected to the land of Israel," Headmaster Aerron Kintu Moses explains. Music is important to the Abayudaya, who have produced two CDs of religious songs. Warrior The synagogue, in the grounds of the Semei Kakungulu secondary school, was recently constructed. Kakungulu, a warrior, was used by the British to help conquer Uganda. He fell out with the colonialists, settled in Mbale and in 1919 converted to Judaism, without ever having met a Jew. By the time of his death a decade later, he had 2,000 followers. Dressing up The headmaster at the secondary school prepares to pray. The Abayudaya are a tiny minority and few Ugandans even know that they exist. The group have also been through difficult times, particularly in the 1970s when then-President Idi Amin, a Muslim, forbade Jewish observance. Many Abayudaya converted to Christianity or Islam, and numbers dwindled to around 200. School walk The Abayudaya are currently experiencing a revival, with more than 750 members. After years of being off the tourist map, Uganda has greater contact with international Jewry, particularly from the United States. Well-wishers have donated money, and facilities have expanded. Now, Muslim and Christian students walk through the lush green hills to attend the Jewish schools. Convert The community mikvah - a bath for ritual purification - has been used twice in the past three years by foreign rabbis to officially convert 345 Abayudaya to Judaism, including Jeje pictured here. Judaism is not an evangelical religion; Jews normally inherit the faith from their mother. Until the ceremony the Abayudaya were not even considered Jewish in the eyes of world Jewry. Decorated doorway The door of an Abayudaya home, decorated with religious symbols and a mezuzah - a religious parchment attached to doorposts of Jewish houses. Contact with foreign Jews means that the Abayudaya are more knowledgeable about mainstream Jewish beliefs. And they will be even better served when their rabbi returns from Israel, where - thanks to foreign sponsorship - he is attending religious college.Confident Twenty years ago Jewish children, like these, would have been mocked or marginalised. But as the community grows, so does their confidence. As one young man put it: "Being called Jewish used to be an abuse. We even used to fear to say our religion. "But now if you say you are Jewish, people take it as normal. And some even admire you."

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Annapolis B.S.!

“Even as Israel is being pressured to again make painful concessions on the road to the establishment of a Palestinian state, there are signs that there are those who refuse to recognize the legitimacy of a Jewish State," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Center. Hier challenged an assertion by the Palestinian Authority’s chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, that there was no state in the world that connects its national identity to a religious one. In fact it was the United Nations 60 years ago this week that voted to recognize both a Jewish State and an Arab State in the Holy Land. If the Arabs deny the legitimacy of that vote, they deny their own legitimacy in the Holy Land. —Rabbi Hier Stand with Israel — support SWC today
President Bush, center, flanked by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, left, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, right, at the opening session of the Mideast conference in Annapolis, Md., Nov. 27, 2007. AP Photo/Susan Walsh
In a November 25, 2007, TIME MAGAZINE interview, when Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal was asked about accepting Israel's legitimacy, he referred to it as only a “Jewish Homeland” — a term used in the 1917 Balfour Declaration, well before Saudi Arabia's establishment in 1932. “The King's choice of terms is confusing because if he takes us back to World War I, then he is taking us back to a time when there was no Saudi Arabia and it is difficult to believe that he would advocate giving all that oil back to Britain,” said Hier. “The bottom line is that all parties committed to peace must also respect Israel's sovereign right to continue to exist as a democratic, Jewish State,” he concluded.

We need your support to continue our work. Please click here to support the work of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Send inquiries to: Or send mail to:Simon Wiesenthal Center1399 South Roxbury, Los Angeles, California 90035310-553-9036

Churchill was Jewish? or "The Day the Rabbi Screwed Up"

I just found this from a few years back from the website: Under the Rabbi's Blog. I can not speak to the validity of DeNiro, Grant or Bowie because I was told that none had any Jewish blood by the editor of the now defunct He could be wrong but he is pretty anal so I am guessing may the Rabbi got it wrong. But either way it is always fun to speculate isn't it? I have added my own comments in green below. If you have some proof either way on any of these listed below please post that in the comment section and I will give you your due praise.

Friday, December 09, 2005
Famous Jews You Didn't Know Are Jewish

1. Lillian Friedman married Cruz Rivera. They named their baby Geraldo
Miguel Rivera.( Funny, it doesn't sound Jewish....) Since, according to
Jewish law, anyone born to a Jewish mother is Jewish, Geraldo Rivera is Jewish. As were, among others: Fiorella Laguardia, Winston Churchill and Cary Grant, as explained below.

2. Fiorella Laguardia's mother's name was Jacobson. His father was not Jewish. Laguardia spoke seven languages - including Hebrew and Yiddish - fluently.

3. Winston Churchill's mother's name was Jenny Jerome. Sorry this looks wrong as well-Racists made up the claim that Leonard Jerome was born Leonad Jacobson and changed his name. Even Wikipedia which is hardly the best source for perfect information notes the following:"Leonard Jerome was the son of Isaac Jerome and Aurora Murray.""Some anti-semitic publications have unscrupulously claimed that Leonard Jerome was born Leonard Jacobson and changed his name to Jerome. In fact the Jerome name dates back to Timothy Jerome a Huguenot." On another side note i am glad he is not Jewish since a friend of mine that has done workings in with in the private sector says he is a little bitch.

4. Cary Grant's mother, Elsie, was Jewish. His father, Elias Leach, was not. Grant's original name was Archibald Alexander Leach. (Robin Leach is his first cousin). This one could go either way..check out this site if you care:

5. Peter Sellers' mother, Margaret Marks, was Jewish. His father, Bill Sellers, was Protestant. Peter's real name is Richard Henry Sellers.

6. David Bowie's mother is Jewish, his father is not. One of Bowie 's album covers discusses his Jewish ancestry. His real name: David Stenton Haywood-Jones. David Bowie has before claimed to being up to half Jewish, and this was usually around the 1976 time frame when he was defending himself against being called a racist after his infamous 'nazi salute'. However, Bowie was not raised Jewish at all. He is, at the most, quarter Jewish and on his mother's side.

7. Robert DeNiro's mother is Jewish; his father is not. The all knowing "Wik" says otherwise: De Niro was born in New York City, the son of Virginia (née Admiral), a painter, and Robert De Niro, Sr., an abstract expressionist painter and sculptor.[1] De Niro's father was a lapsed Catholic of Italian and Irish descent and his mother a Presbyterian-raised atheist of German, Dutch and French descent.

8. Shari Belafonte's mother is Jewish. Her father, Harry, has a Jewish grandfather.

9. Olivia Newton-John's Jewish grandfather was a Nobel Prize winning

10. Harrison Ford's mother is Russian-Jewish, his father is Irish-Catholic.


Fact: The first theatre to be used solely for the showing of motion pictures was built by a Jew (Adolf Zukor).

Fact: The first full-length sound picture, The Jazz Singer was produced by the Jewish Samuel L. Goldwyn & Louis B. Mayer (MGM).

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Abraham Waksman) coined the term antibiotics.

Fact: A Polish Jew (Casimir Funk) who pioneered a new field of medical research gave us a word now common in our language - vitamins.

Fact: The first successful operation for appendicitis was performed by a Jewish surgeon (Dr. Simon Baruch)

Fact: The doctor (Dr. Abraham Jacobi) hailed as America 's father of
pediatrics was a Jew.

Fact: Until a Jewish doctor (Dr. Siccary) showed differently, Americans believed the tomato was poisonous.

Fact: Jewish Levi "Levi's" Strauss (inventor of jeans) is the largest
clothing retailer in the world.

Fact: In 1909, four Jews were among the 60 multi-cultural signers of the call to the National Action, which resulted in the creation of the NAACP.

Fact: A Jew (Emile Berliner) is the man who developed the modern-day phonograph. While Thomas Edison was working out a type of phonograph that used a cylinder as a record, Berliner invented a machine that would play a disc. The machine he patented was called the gramophone, and the famous RCA trademark is a picture of a dog listening to "his master's voice" on Berliner's device. The gramaphone was superior to Edison 's machine. In short, Emile Berliner made possible the modern record industry. His company was eventually absorbed by the Victor Talking Machine Company, now known as

Fact: Jewish Louis B. Mayer (MGM) created the idea for the Oscar.

Fact: European Jews are the founding fathers of all the Hollywood Studios.

Fact: Jews comprise a mere 1/4 of 1% (13 million) of the population (6 billion).

Fact: 99% of the world is non Jewish.

Fact: Three of greatest & most influential thinkers dominating the 20th century were Jewish - Einstein, Freud, Marx.

Fact: The most popular selling Christmas song ("White Christmas") was written by a Jew (Irving Berlin)

Fact: Of the 660 Nobel prizes from 1901-1990, 160 have been won by Jews. In the end, Jews win more Nobel prizes than any other ethnicity. They win 40x more than should be expected of them, based upon their small population numbers.

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Jonas Salk) is the creator of the first Polio Vaccine.

Fact: Jews (Hayam Solomon & Isaac Moses) are responsible for creating the first modern-banking institutions.

Fact: Jews also created the first department stores of the 19th century: The Altmans, Gimbels, Kaufmanns, Lazaruses, Magnins, Mays, Strausses became leaders of major department stores. Julius Rosenwald revolutionized the way Americans purchased goods by improving Sears Roebuck's mail order merchandising. Hart, Schaffner, Marx, Kuppenheimer and Levi Strauss became household names in mens' clothing. (Let's not forget EJ Korvets - Eight Jewish Korean (war) Veterans.)

Fact: Jewish Marc Chagall (born Segal , Russia ) is one of the great 20th century painters.

Fact: English-Jewish financiers such as Isaac Goldsmid, Nathan Rothschild, David Salomons, and Moses Montefiore, whose fortunes helped England become an empire.

Fact: In 1918, Detroit , a Jew (Max Goldberg) opened the "first" commercial parking lot.

Fact: In 1910, a Jew (Louis Blaustein) and his son opened the "first" gas station, eventually founding AMOCO OIL. One of the richest oil families in the world.

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Albert Sabin) developed the first "oral polio vaccine."

Fact: A Jew (Steven Spielberg) is the most successful filmmaker since the advent of film.

Fact: A Jewish poet's (Emma Lazarus) famous poem, "give me your tired ... your poor... your huddled masses," appears as the inscription on the Statue Of Liberty.

Fact: Jewish Harry Houdini (Weiss) is the father of Magic/Illusion.

Fact: Dr. Sigmund Freud (Jew) is the father of psychiatry.

Fact: Jewish Abraham is the father of the world's 3 major religions:
Judaism, Christianity & Islam (ancestors of the Hebrew & Arabic peoples). Jesus (formerly known as "sweet Jewish Jesus") is still worshipped by billions.

Fact: Jews are the oldest of any people on earth still around with their national identity and cultural heritage intact.

Fact: George & Ira Gershwin & Irving Berlin (Jews) are three of the most prolific composers of the 20th century

Fact: Isadore & Nathan Straus (Jews) - "Abraham & Straus," eventually became sole owners of Macy's (world's largest department store) in 1896.

Fact: Dr. Paul "magic bullet" Ehrlich (Jew) - physician, Nobel Prize in 1908 for curing syphilis.

Fact: Armand Hammer (Jew) - "Arm & Hammer," physician & businessman who originated the largest trade between U.S. and Russia.

Fact: Louis Santanel (Jew) was the financier who provided the funds for Columbus ' voyage to America .

Fact: Sherry Lansing (Jew) of Paramount Pictures, became the first woman president of a major Hollywood studio.

Fact: Flo Zigfield (Jew) of "Zigfield Follies," is the creator of American

So, my family and friends, stand tall and be proud. (or at least stand up and be counted!!)

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Human Weapon : Krav Maga of the Israeli Commandos Video

Thank Jew Very Much, "didJEWknow" hits 1000 hits!

When I started this blog in September I had a feeling that there were a lot more twisted folks like myself that wanted and needed to get to the bottom of their curiosity on random Jew things and people but I did expect that in less than 3 months that a 1,000 visits to my site would occur. So based on this I will keep on keeping and try to produce the finest product that I can in the limited time that I have. Jew know I love you.

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Poor Unfortunate Jews

I have been meaning to post this info for a while but keep getting sidetracked, so here we go. Unfortunate Jews are what I refer to the half Jew who ends up without the good looks and looks more Jewish than most full Jews. If you recall my posting a few months back about the competition for hottest half Jew you would have noticed Jack Gyllenhaal. He is what I would call a "Fortunate Jewish Son". He got the Jew and the looks where other have Jews like Adrian Brody or Adam Goldberg just got the Jew. Other examples would be hot half Jew half black Lenny Kravitz and the flip side would be Slash. I am going to put together a list below of some of the guys that got all the Jew with half the blood, because I am a sensitive guy I am not going to put a list of females half Jews who go hit 100% with the Jew stick.
(These are in no particular order since I am just going off the top of my head..feel free to weight in)

1) Adrian Brody - Actor

2) Adam Goldberg - Actor

3) Slash (half black) - Musician

4)Justin Warfield (half black) - Singer from "She Wants Revenge"

5)Bill Maher - Talk show host

6)Arlo Guthrie - Musician

7)Alexis Arquette - Actor and soon to be an actress
More to come so look for updates..gotta go to sleep now

Who is Jewing who?

I know that these last 2 posts have been of the negative variety but after seeing Alpha Dog a few nights ago and another stand out psycho performance by new favorite upcoming Jew, Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma) I had to put it out there. Besides his performance what makes the film so tough to turn away from and so quick to Google about is that it is based on a true crime story. Foster's looks and performance remind me of "The Believer" and "American History X". Like the believer he is Jewish yet has a double lighting bolt on the back of his neck which was the symbol for the German SS. His confliction shows with Hebrew letters tattooed across the top of his chest. Is he a self-hating, self-loving Jew? Well the picture doesn't really go into it and nothing on the net seems to either. Was he a tough guy as the movie portrait him just like the Ryan Gosling character in Believer or was he just a coward as the real Jewish anti-Semite Daniel Burros( in Believer? These are the things that I am curious about. At least a Jew plays a Jew with Foster in Alpha Dog. Here is an article that I pulled from the Jewish Journal online about Alpha Dog:
Release of 'Alpha Dog ' reopens Markowitz family wounds
By Robert David Jaffee, Contributing Writer

"Alpha Dog," based on the 2000 kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old West Hills resident Nick Markowitz, has received mixed reviews but growing notoriety. The fictionalized Universal release has become increasingly tied to the very case it portrays -- the manhunt for Jesse James Hollywood, whom prosecutors allege ordered the hit on Nick Markowitz, whose body was discovered in a shallow grave outside of Santa Barbara. The film and the controversy surrounding it have reopened wounds for the Markowitz family, who have yet to see alleged ringleader Hollywood stand trial. And now one of the real-life figures who served as a consultant on "Alpha Dog" has had his role used against him in a case that horrified the L.A. Jewish community almost seven years ago. According to published reports confirmed by Jeff Markowitz, the victim's father, Santa Barbara County D.A. Ron Zonen, in an attempt to "do whatever he could to circle the globe" to catch Hollywood, provided "Alpha Dog" writer-director Nick Cassavetes and co-writer Michael Mehas with access to his notes and other court material. A state appellate court recently removed Zonen from the case after Jesse James Hollywood's attorney, James Blatt, argued that the district attorney had compromised himself. Markowitz, who runs a family-owned aerospace company in the San Fernando Valley, counters the notion that Zonen did anything wrong. "It is so offensive to take a wonderful human being and turn what he did into a negative.... Ron Zonen is my son Nicholas' champion," he said. Adding to the controversy surrounding the film was the presence on the film set of Jack Hollywood, the convicted drug dealer father of Jesse James Hollywood. Of the senior Hollywood, who allegedly supplied marijuana to his son and helped him escape to Brazil, Jeff Markowitz says, "He was the cancer in our neighborhood.... I don't think he's ever taken responsibility." "Alpha Dog" is an ironic title about Johnny Truelove, based on Jesse James Hollywood, a meekly built young man whose so-called alpha standing is based entirely on nepotism. His "leadership" derives solely from the plentiful drugs and free room and board provided by his father. Assisted by his gang, Truelove ends up kidnapping the younger brother of a man who owes him drug money. The younger brother, Zack, is the character based on Nick Markowitz. The filmmakers changed the names of the participants and the locale. They moved the home base from the San Fernando Valley to the San Gabriel Valley and the destination from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs. The film was first shown in 2006 at the Sundance Film Festival, but its release was delayed a year after legal problems following the capture of Jesse James Hollywood, who was extradited in 2005 from Brazil. Defense attorney Blatt tried to block the film's release last year, claiming it would taint the jury pool of Hollywood's upcoming trial. Jeff Markowitz, who attended the "Alpha Dog" premiere earlier this month, says that the name change was "very frustrating" and that during the movie "all I wanted to do was scream out my son's name." He called the film "poor," "not entertaining" and "depressing," although he thought that the portrayal of his son by Anton Yelchin was fairly accurate. "Nick wasn't as naive or as soft-spoken" as the character in the film, he said, adding that Nick's "mannerism was probably more forceful." But Jeff Markowitz said that Yelchin likely captured Nick's "emotional state." The film itself only touches briefly on Jewish themes. There is home movie footage at the opening, which shows Zack having a bar mitzvah. (Nick Markowitz did, in fact, have a bar mitzvah.) The older half-brother, Jake, based on Ben Markowitz, is shown with Hebrew letters tattooed on his chest. Finally, Truelove uses the term "kike" on more than one occasion. Despite the use of the epithet, Jeff Markowitz does not think that there was any ethnic or religious animus motivating Jesse James Hollywood and his gang against their son. Jeff Markowitz, a one-time practicing Jew, no longer belongs to a synagogue, although he says, "I still believe Judaism is the answer." His daughter Leah, Nick's half-sister, approached Jeff a few years ago, asking if he wanted his grandchildren raised Jewish. Jeff Markowitz says that at the time he didn't "feel strong enough" to support that decision but he is glad that they are being raised Catholic. "The fact is that the kids are in a good organized religion." While Jeff Markowitz does not like the film, he says that his wife, Susan, was deeply moved by Yelchin's depiction of their late son. Susan Markowitz has been suicidal at times over the past six and a half years, but her husband says that she is doing better now. There may never be closure for the Markowitzes even though the defendants have all so far been brought to justice. Jesse James Hollywood, whose trial will reportedly take place later this year, may face the death penalty. The triggerman in the case, Ryan Hoyt, is on death row, and the three other conspirators are all serving either life in prison, although one, a minor at the time of the crime, received a reduced sentence. None of those convictions may fully change how the Markowitzes feel about their loss. As Jeff Markowitz says, "You feel guilty for not having the same depth of pain" as Nick, "you feel guilty for not going to the cemetery." "Alpha Dog" is in theaters now. The Jewish Journal also talked with the Markowitz family in 2003.

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Thrill Kill Jews

I like to let my ideas arrive organically and last night while I was doing some of my (For fun) genealogy research I came across the brother of a son of a cousin who was married to one of my ancestors named Jerome Liberman. For any of you that have ever been on "" there is a section that brings up newspaper articles with the name of the person you are searching for. So when I looked in that section for Mr. Liberman I found about 60 articles from 1953-54 with his name in it. Turns out it was a different Jerome Liberman and this one was a young Jewish Brooklyn boy that along with 3 other teenagers had killed 2 "Hobos". As a matter of fact it was quite a case in the day and they were dubbed: "The Brooklyn Thrill Killers". I was of course surprised that I had never heard of them what with my background in both fringe Jews and noir murder cases. Of course the famous case is of the O.G. Jewish thrill Killers, Leopold and Loeb which has been done to death (Pun intended) so if you are not familiar with them then you can easily do the research on your own.

In 1999 there was even a movie about the Brooklyn Thrill Killers with that same name. I just found a clip on Youtube from the film. From the 2 minutes I watched it look like it was made by someone in high school but that is not the point..point is this was a big deal at the time and I bet Jews across the country were burying their heads in the sand. The same way blacks should have been with OJ.
Teenage killers identify victim. 1) Robert Trachtenberg (variant: Trakhtenberg); 2) Jack Koslow (variant: Kozlov); 3) Melvin Mittman; 4) Jerome Lieberman (variant: Liberman). Kneeling by the victim is Lt. Vance Barkinson. Photo 1954. [K]
Here is the tag line:
"IN 1954, IF YOU WANTED TO FIT IN YOU HAD TO KILL!" Based on a true story. Starring Evan Matthews, Natalio Polit, Steve Alderfer, and Dan Fogler (in his pre-Tony Award days).

Take a look:

I also pulled this article from Time :

Thrill Killers
Monday, Dec. 27, 1954

If a man has a very good reason (e.g., self-defense) for killing another, the law excuses him. If he has a clear but bad reason (e.g., avarice, jealousy), the law may take his life. If he has no clear reason for his act, the prosecution as well as the killer is in trouble. This was illustrated last week in the case of the Brooklyn thrill killers.
Last summer Brooklyn police arrested four youths and accused them of tossing a man in the East River to drown, beating another man to death, torturing several others (TIME, Aug. 30). The youths had not quarreled with their victims; they did not rob them. The sheer senselessness of the crimes made nationwide headlines.
That same quality made prosecution difficult.
The state brought first-degree murder charges in the case of the drowning victim. The prosecution let one boy turn state's evidence and the judge dismissed the indictment against another. Attorneys for the other two defendants challenged the sufficiency of the proof of premeditation. A Brooklyn jury last week found the two youths, aged 17 and 18, guilty of felony murder on the ground that the victim died during the commission of a kidnaping (he was dragged seven blocks to the river). With this verdict the jurors could—and did—recommend life imprisonment rather than the electric chair.

I Got a Jew Attitude

After taking a week off from "The Blog", I have come back renewed and with a slightly changed focus. As most of you know I just usually pull interesting articles about Jews and Jew things from other sites and add a tiny bit of commentary if any before slapping them into a post. For a little bit I will give you more of the BPositive flavor and less of the borrowed stuff. I know it seems all anyone wants to know these days is if Joseph Gordon Levitt is Asian. And as I posted a few months back he is not..he is 100% Jewish. Who knows maybe one of his Russian ancestors got a little Eskimo love but get over it he is one of ours. OK, I hope you like the new Jew offerings as I plan to make them even more random. Jewish thrill killers coming up.