Monday, November 12, 2007

Poor Unfortunate Jews

I have been meaning to post this info for a while but keep getting sidetracked, so here we go. Unfortunate Jews are what I refer to the half Jew who ends up without the good looks and looks more Jewish than most full Jews. If you recall my posting a few months back about the competition for hottest half Jew you would have noticed Jack Gyllenhaal. He is what I would call a "Fortunate Jewish Son". He got the Jew and the looks where other have Jews like Adrian Brody or Adam Goldberg just got the Jew. Other examples would be hot half Jew half black Lenny Kravitz and the flip side would be Slash. I am going to put together a list below of some of the guys that got all the Jew with half the blood, because I am a sensitive guy I am not going to put a list of females half Jews who go hit 100% with the Jew stick.
(These are in no particular order since I am just going off the top of my head..feel free to weight in)

1) Adrian Brody - Actor

2) Adam Goldberg - Actor

3) Slash (half black) - Musician

4)Justin Warfield (half black) - Singer from "She Wants Revenge"

5)Bill Maher - Talk show host

6)Arlo Guthrie - Musician

7)Alexis Arquette - Actor and soon to be an actress
More to come so look for updates..gotta go to sleep now

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