Saturday, January 26, 2008

How Jew Like Me Now?

Famous Jews Who Changed Their Name (taken from of all places the Aerosmith fan site message board - So since we got this info from that site lets shine a spotlight on Aerosmith resident Jew and Drummer Joey Kramer, 53, who grew up in a middle-class home in the New York suburbs. He’s remarked that he had a tough time with anti-Semitic bullies in his high school. He moved to Boston in 1969 to study music and quickly hooked up with the rest of the guys in Aerosmith — Kramer, in fact, gave the band its name. (You go Jew!)
Alicia Beth Moore - Pink
Jonathan Leibowitz... aka Jon Stewart.

Ralph Lifschitz: Ralph Lauren
Marv Philip Aufrichtig: Marv Albert... miss the impersonation. Yes!
Kenneth Gorelick: Kenny G.
Scott Rosenfield - Scott Ian of Anthrax (which you would know watching VH1 Classic) Bad Religion 20th Century Jews
Carole Klein - Carole King
Eric Boucher Dead Kennedy Jello Biafra
Peter Greenbaum Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac.

Mary Harum - Mary Hart
Barry Pincus Manilow Marty Buchman
Marty Balin, Jefferson Airplane (who was also on stage when Grace Slick went into her Hitler rant in Germany. Classic).

Tina Blacker - Tina Louise -
Ginger the "movie star" on "Gilligans Island".
Leslie Weinstein - Leslie West (another one who's done VH1 Classic specials related to Jewish traditions)
Gary Weinrib - Geddy Lee
Joscelyn Eve Stoker Joss Stone
Marc Feld - Marc Bolan/ T Rex
Jeffrey Hyman - Joey Ramone
Leonard Schneider Lenny Bruce
Ellen Cohen Mama Cass
Herbert Khaury Tiny Tim
Phoebe Laub Phoebe Snow
Steve Mizrahi - Sylvain Sylvain (NY Dolls)
Richard Salkowitz - Magic Dick (J Geils)
Robin Segal - Robbie Benson
Kathie Epstein - Kathy Lee Gifford (another one who added the "Lee" to distract is David Lee Roth)

Joan Blunden - Dropped the B..
Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg - Jane Seymour
Issur Danielovitch Demsky - Kirk Douglas
Madeline Gail Wolfson - Madeline Kahn
Richard Frank Oznowicz - no pork for voice of Miss Piggy Frank Oz
Herbert Streicher - Harry Reems
Anson Heimlick - Potsie on Happy Days - Anson Williams
Françoise Sorya Dreyfus - French actress Anouk Aimee, known from the Fellini movies and married to Albert Finney
Samille Diane Friesen - Dyan Cannon
Eugene Orowitz - Michael Landon
Barbara Lynn Herzstein - Barbara Hershey
Robert Peter Cohon - Peter Coyote
Sherry Lee Heimann - Sherry Lansing
Joan Sandra Molinsky - Joan Rivers
Jerome Silberman - Gene Wilder
Walter Koenigsberg - Takai's Trek buddy Walter Koenig (same last name as Wood-yi?)
Sonia Phyllis Hurwitz - Lamb Chop had a Jewish mama, Shari Lewis
Rosetta Jacobs - Piper Laurie, Clooney's mom on "ER"and "Twin Peaks".
Rachel Mitrani - Shelley Morrison, famous for Rosario on "Will and Grace".
Bernice Frankel - Bea Arthur
Melvin Kaminsky - Mel Brooks
Irwin Alan Kniberg - Alan King
Jerome Levitch - Jerry Lewis
Melvin Torma - Mel Torme
Shirley Schrift - Shelly Winters
Aaron Chwatt - Red Buttons
Arthur Kelm Jr. - Tab Hunter
David Daniel Kaminsky - Danny Kaye
Myron Leon Wallace - Mike sounds more American.
Milton Berlinger - Milton Berle
Moses Horwitz,Louis Feinberg, Jerome Lester Horwitz - Better known as Moe Larry and Curly László Löwenstein - Peter Lorre, the bad bad man in Fritz Lang's "M".
Marx Brothers - all Jewish, changed the first name..Groucho was Julius. Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund
The original Scarface, Paul Muni
Emanuel Goldenberg Edward G. Robinson - Little Caesar, Key Largo, Double Indemnity
There's also Jewish mothers of the famous who changed it:
Robert Elias - Robert Downey Sr, who took on his stepfather's name, and passed it down to Junior
Arlyn Dunetz - changed her last name to Phoenix, mother of River and "Leaf", now "Joaquin".


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