Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Farewell to the most Goy looking actor to play Jews

This past weekend was a sad time for me when I learned of the death of a man I grew up watching in several of my favorite quoted films including Ben Hur, Planet of the Apes and Soylent Green (It's people you know). He had a lot of chutzpa to play Jews in the days in which that was not popular. He was Ben-Hur a Jew in the epic by the same name. As a side note in the documentary The Celluloid Closet the actor (Stephen Boyd) playing opposite a Roman who was his childhood best friend was told to play his character as if he was in love with Ben-Hur. No one told Heston this and it was one of the little pieces of business that made this film a classic (Look it up)How great would it have been if he were really Jewish. Don't answer that question if you are one of the crazy far left liberals that think he was evil for being the speaker of the NRA. For all you Jews this is the guy you wish your ancestors had who lived in Europe during the Pogroms, Holocaust or any of the other fun activities that the gentiles put together. If they had the opportunity to legally protect themselves and property with fire arms that would have changed the face of all of the former. When you trust govt too much especially with what the demos are offering up you end with nothing but pain. In terms of Jews from the 50s and 60s we did have Kirk Douglas and Paul Newman (Jewish on his father's side). Of course he played Moses as well. I am curious if their were any Jewish apes from Planet of the Apes and who can forget, "Take your filthy hands off me you damn dirty ape"! I hope now that you are in heaven Chuck that you are well taken care of. You were truly one of the greats and Hollywood just doesn't make them like you anymore. You made it hip to play Jews. Russell Crowe who was in Gladiator that wishes he could clean your Ben-Hur loin cloth played a Jewish cop just recently in the true story called "American Gangster".

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