Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Hart Bochner..

Well I mean I really like him and in a very hetero way from when I first noticed him in Apartment Zero. He was in Breaking Away and a few other films prior but Apartment Zero is where he really seemed like a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately he didn't go the way of a Jewish Jason Patric and instead became a director. If you are a Patric fan and like his film noir roles then I highly recommend Apartment Zero.

Interesting Jewish tidbit; in The TV Version of "The Sun Also Rises" (1984) Hart Bocher plays the lead as gentile Jake Barnes while gentile Robert Carradine plays Jew Robert Cohn. Other Jews in the film playing non Jews include Jane Seymour (Born: Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg) as Brett Ashley and Leonard Nimoy as Count Mippipopolous.

Here is his bio:

Hart Bochner is a handsome, dark-haired supporting actor who has worked in several major theatrical and television movies. He is the son of Lloyd Bochner, a film and TV actor himself, and was born in Canada. As a teenager, he made his film debut in Franklin Schaffner's 1975 film Islands in the Stream. Before deciding to become an actor like his father, Bochner earned a graduate degree in English literature at a university in San Diego. Following college, he appeared in a supporting role in the 1979 sleeper Breaking Away. It was a promising start to his career and he next went on to appear in George Cukor's final film, Rich and Famous (1981). Though he appeared in many subsequent films, Bochner unfortunately has not become a well-known cinema actor though he did turn in a memorable performance as a sleazy yuppie businessman in 1988's Die Hard. With television, he has done a little better starring in adaptations such as East of Eden, The Sun Also Rises, and most notably the TV mini-series War and Remembrance. Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide


Dew said...

Jane Seymour may have Jewish in her blood but she is a Christian. She goes to my church with her family.

Anonymous said...

Who cares ? jew or not ? gay or straight ? stupid people
Artis is Artist.