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Liberal Brits Will Have Their Nev Soon Enough

This is why Britian is on its way to becoming a Muslim state. The dumb-ass Brit Libs would rather cut off their noses despite their face

AJC Welcomes Demise of British Academic Boycott of Israel
NEW YORK, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/
-- The American Jewish
Committee today welcomed the announcement by Britain's University and
College Union (UCU) that it will not pursue a boycott of Israeli academics.
The decision comes after the union's legal advisors determined that such a
boycott would be "unlawful" because it violates anti-discrimination
"We are gratified that the UCU recognized that any boycott against
Israel is an act of prejudice," said AJC Executive Director David A.
Harris. "Others who have been considering similarly discriminatory measures
against Israel should heed the UCU's decision."
Harris praised the group of scholars and activists worldwide,
particularly in the United Kingdom, United States and Israel, who have been
actively opposing the UCU boycott measure since it was adopted in May.
"Of special importance are the more than 450 American university
presidents who endorsed Columbia University President Lee Bollinger's
powerful statement against the boycott," said Harris.
AJC published the original list of nearly 300 presidents in a full-page
in the New York Times on August 8. The full list is available at the AJC
AJC remains vigilant in confronting efforts which unfairly single out
Israel for condemnation by standards and means not applied to any other
nation around the globe, including gross human right violators.

Here is some email commentary from some friends of friends in regards to this update:
it's good news that Britain's University and College Union (UCU) has ended it's attempt to promote a boycott of Israeli academics and academic institutions. It's bad news, however, that the UCU did not rescind on principle, but solely because their legal counsel advised that such a boycott would be illegal. In other words, minds weren't changed; they merely conceded to a legal imperative.There is other good news arising out of this disgusting episode. England's Liberal Democrat Party, at it's recent annual conference, overwhelmingly passed a motion condemning the UCU boycott call.
The motion noted that the boycott call was jointly condemned by the presidents of Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It said that academic freedom and the exchange of ideas are of "paramount importance," adding that it is wrong to boycott individuals on account of their nationality, "whatever policies their country's government pursues." Israeli academics "can no more be held accountable for Israeli government policy than British academics can be for British government policy," it said.
The motion called it "perverse" for academics to boycott only Israel when other countries with far worse records of academic freedom are not also to be boycotted. "Israeli universities are centers of free debate and discussion including Jews, Christians and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians," it added.Perhaps even more impressive, over 11,300 scholars from nearly 1,000 campuses around the world had signed a petition expressing outrage at the UCU's boycott attempt. The petition was organized by Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) and included 33 Nobel Laureates and 59 university presidents (including UVM's Dan Fogel).Marvin

On Oct 2, 2007, at 8:24 AM, David S. wrote:

The attempt of a British academic boycott of Israel is OVER.!University and College Union has been told that the boycott would be unlawful "? ... halt to a proposed regional tour to discuss the issues with members" "Boycott will be deemed outside the objectives of the union" This victory is due to many people Jew and non Jew standing up for principle (not Jews per se). Even if you disagree with the President of Columbia for inviting our favorite Iranian to speak he was key to fighting this proposed boycott.In terms of strategy if the rights of Jews and Israel do not move our neighbors maybe attaching it to a right they do care about may be a way to reach them.

To futher my point here is an article from a few years back about Oona King, a half Jewish half black Labour MP who was ousted by George Galloway with the help of his Muslim voters.
Oona: 'I Feel More Jewish Than Ever'
This week, writes Marc Shoffman, former Labour MP Oona King released her memoirs. Controversially ousted from her Bethnal Green and Bow constituency by George Galloway, she tells TJ how the experience strengthened her Jewish identity.
Oona King, born to a black father and Jewish mother, describes her life in two parts. “In the first part of my life,” she recalls, “I was always verbally abused for being black. Then, in the second part, I was abused for being Jewish, when people found out my mum was a Jew.”
In ‘House Music’, which charts her years in Parliament, King reveals how her Jewish identity got stronger when she came up against the Respect leader in the 2005 general election.She writes: “My Jewish background was used as a stick to beat me with. In my experience when someone’s identity is under attack they wrap it around them more closely... The more I was attacked for being Jewish, the more Jewish I felt. Today I feel more Jewish than ever… I have Jewish heritage and I feel Jewish. The hostility of others has helped me maintain a bond with Judaism which I might otherwise have neglected. A lot of Jewish people will know what I mean.”
But in what way has her identity been affected? She told TJ: “I have read a lot more about Yiddish culture and Jewish history and have been more involved in cultural organisations. I am very proud of being Jewish, I don’t know if it would have been that way if I hadn’t been attacked.”
She told TJ: “The thing that saddens me the most is the way it seems to echo the same aspects of what Jews went through.“It is about humiliating people. There is extremist violence, there are Islamic groups that want to kill and maim people. It is hard for people to understand pressures on Israel, but it means that ordinary people pay the price.”She said she is aware her views will be seen as controversial. “It breaks my heart to say it, but I am not going to pretend it is less bad because I am Jewish.“Why would I lie about what I saw? It is because of my Jewish mum that I tell the truth. When something is right or wrong, it doesn’t matter who does it.”

Here is some talk back from a message board that trailed the article:

Is Israel an Apartheid State or is this more Jihadist lies?See for yourself -
Mehereta Baruch is a Zionist and a Jew. Meherata came to Israel with her family from Ethiopia, traveling on foot to Sudan to get to Israel and suffering many hardships on the way.
She has found a new home in Israel.
She says, "Israel was always the place of our dreams. When we finally arrived it really felt like the paradise I was promised."
Think about it - Is Zionism racism? Do you think Meherata is a racist?

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