Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Unperfected Jew

Sorry it took me a few days to getting round to this but first I need to thank Ann Coulter for giving me a great new handle. The Unperfected Jew would also be a good blog site title. Anyway I can't believe (really I can) that Jewish talk show host Micheal Medvid defended her easily inflammatory and anti-Semitic commentary. I am not a knee jerk liberal and I can usually find where the oversight has been made by actually watching the full clip or reading the commentary but not so in this case. Looks like I stand with the outraged liberals on this one. More later I have some Sunday films to watch. One being "Black Book" which I will take someone Else's review from after I see it. As you can see from this picture I found on the net Coulture has gotten some strong publicity for her latest book which should sell with any literate skin heads but it probably going to lose a handfull of conservative Jews.
I don't know if any of the following is true but it was a fun read none the less and since blogs dont have watch dogs I am going to let it rip. Funny it was written in 2004 by a person called "StormBrewing" from South Dakota on the
I wish to exercise my right to make a statement about a former close friend of mine, Ann Coulter. This is about one of the slimiest women on the face of the planet. Everything she stands for, I hate. She emanates hate, she promotes hate and anger. How do I know? I am related to her. She's alienated her family, her original friends and lies every time she opens her skinny mouth.

You see, Ann Coulter was originally a democrat but when she saw an opportunity, she changed to a Republican, just for the notice, just for the press, just to make a few bucks. The net result is that Christians should hate her for her lies, her slime, her ugly methods, and the lies to her family. In high school Ann was a tramp, a real slut. She would have sex with most any guy who could get beyond the smell of her unwashed body. To this day, she quite often refuses to take a shower more than a couple times a week unless it's incredibly hot. The guests on her radio program have made comments. She seems to think it's her natural body smell. It is. But it's not pleasant. I know some people will doubt this report but it's all true. Not too many people have been closer to Ann Coulter than I, for most of her life. Ann Coulter is the kind of person who wouldn't be missed by many if she died today. Not really. No one really likes her, except those who attempt to become famous getting next to her. I've been told that Laura Bush hates Ann Coulter, and her husband doesn't think much of her either. Chris Matthews can't stand her, even though Ann Coulter has contracted to be on Hardball. Chris once said of Ann Coulter, far off camera, that, "she reminds me of a foul-mouthed bitch in heat, always in heat!". In renewing his contract is asked that Ann Coulter not be allowed on his program again. But during the election he was forced to put up with her. Bill Maher was Ann Coulter's friend when she was a hard nosed Democrat and still insists they are friends and she's appeared on his new show. But off camera, he can't stand her. Maher has been copping out lately. It called ratings. During one taping session, Bill Maher discovered that Ann Coulter had been dating a 17 year old boy whom she called her younger brother, was in fact her date for that night. I was told that they spent a night in a hotel room together. I don't know if they had sex, but then again, Ann has sex with lots of people, including women. It is truly hypocritical that Ann Coulter can get away with this, even with the Fundamentalist Christians. They just don't seem to care or believe. How can they possibly trust this foul mouthed, nasty, slimy woman? Nothing comes out of her mouth but hate. Of course, it makes for dramma and for ratings. Ann Coulter also practices different lines written for her, at least she did in the last six months. There are two men, David Emmerson and Arnie Kamenski (sp), paid by the RNC to teach Ann Coulter what to say and how to say it. The last time I saw her she was spending half the day practicing her lines, over and over again in front of a large mirror. She was laughing at it all, in fact said how much horse shit it was, but it was a game, only a game to play, a role. I told her this was too important to lie but Ann thinks all this is just a game, that's it's the way it's played. Ann Coulter doesn't care about anyone but herself. And she's not even religeous. Not really. What she has done, and what she has said, is maybe some of the worse hate I've ever heard. Ann Coulter has turned into a hate machine, all too often, now believing what she says, and has even said that if John Kerry won the presidency, the best way to deal with those kinds of Liberals was to eliminate them, any way possible, legal or not. That's when we parted company. And that's the end of our life long relationship. She's called me a liar but all her close "buddies" know the truth. Ann Coulter is a Nazi, a cold hearted, Nazi. Sue me. It wouldn't be difficult to find out who I am. Do something Anne. But you won't of course because you know it's true, and much more. We know the truth. And you thought I'd never say it. To show you who I really am, for sure, here it is Anne, something only you and I know for sure, so you know it is I: Remember Ellen and what we did to her on New Year's Eve? Now you know for sure. And I'll never let you have a "bounty". You know what I mean!

Alright I just got back from a mini lazy Sunday afternoon and I ended up watching "Air Guitar Nation" And it turns out as I guessed it that one of the 2 documentary leads are Jewish. And you know what that means..

Back to Ann:
National Jewish Democratic Council this week launched on an online petition to have the conservative Coulter dropped as a network commentator.A number of conservative groups are increasingly concerned about attacks on freedom of speech in this country, given the recent uproar over Rush Limbaugh's misinterpreted "phony soldiers" comment, which prompted a number of U.S. lawmakers to denounce him. Now I don't agree with anytime a censure as I see it as a left wing communist type move.

My belief is that there will always be 10% of America that believes any stereotype and no matter what the libs do they wont be able to change that. So instead let the idiots talk as much as they want to and they will show themselves for what they really are. Anyhow enough of this as I want to post my Air Guitar Nation findings.