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An Unintended Jewing Lucas got it half right

Well I just got finished watching the 2004 update DVD of Star Wars VI with 2 of my kids. I had not seen it since it came out originally in the theater 25 years ago. Where did the time go? Anyway what started out as an ironic comment to Carrie Fisher being the daughter of Hayden Christiansen and Natalie Portman has as usual gone much further and may I say goes back a long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
I am sure it was not purposeful (hence the title of my blog) but isn't it ironic that Portman is 100% Jewish and Christiansen a gentile (wouldn't know it from the surname :) making the twins half Jewish (by blood, I know in orthodoxy it is the religion of the mother). So it works out that Carrie Fisher has a Jewish dad in real life and it would have worked out perfectly if Han Solo (Ford) was her twin as he has a Jewish mother in real life. But where our story goes into Jewish randomness (which is always the goal) is that Mark Hamill who played Luke (with no known Jewish ancestry) is that in Nov of 2003 he complained that he couldn't get his daughter into the A-List Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties in Hollywood (see below). Then just 3 days later he ends up voicing Luke Skywalker in an episode of the Family Guy in which the main character feels he needs to convert to Judaism to be successful (also added below). Finally I lifted a piece off the Internet comparing Star Wars to the Holocaust. But as we all know everything goes back to the Jews and you can challenge me on that in my game "Back to Jew". And yes, yes while we are talking about space and sci-fi I do know that the hand solute that Spoke (Jewish Leonard Nimoy) makes is the Jewish sign of the Kohen (ask your grandpa) which is one of the several ways that Star Trek goes Back to Jew. (If you are wondering what Nemoy is up to these days I have added a photo for your enjoyment from his latest picture book, see if you can spot it). So go forth and read..

November 06, 2003


Mark Hamill, the actor who played "Luke Skywalker" in Star Wars, takes a subtle jab at Jewish Hollywood personalities.
"I don't mind the Hollywood caste system. I know the tenuous position I'm in on the entertainment food chain. I don't get invited to A-list affairs. Me? I'm listless," he says. "If anything, it hardens my resolve to say, 'Ah, you're wrong. I'm going to show you by doing this or that or the other."

"But when you do it to my children, that makes me go berserk. And she started being excluded from this one's birthday party or that one's bat mitzvah because I'm not A-list. It really burns my hide when it comes through because they're not in show business - I am."
I hope the ADL do not give him a hard time about this comment, which is clearly not anti-Semitic. Hamill is disappointed with Hollywood snobbery, and criticizes Hollywood players, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. He was probably not even thinking in terms of "Jewish" and "non-Jewish", but merely in terms of the types of events from which his children are excluded. And you can bet there are plenty of bat mitzvahs!

When You Wish Upon a Weinstein
Peter suggests that Chris convert to Judaism in order to become better at math.

Season: 3 Episode: 22
Total Episode Count: 50
Prod. no.: 2ACX05
First Aired: November 9, 2003

Guest Starring: Peter Riegert as Max Weinstein, Mark Hamill as Luke, Ed McMahon as himself, and Ben Stein as Rabbi Goldberg
Featuring: Peter, Chris, Max Weinstein
Also Appearing: Lois, Meg, Stewie, Brian, Jim Kaplan, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tony Robbins, Optimus Prime
Musical Numbers: "I Need A Jew"

Director: Dan Povenmire
Assistant Director: Sarah Frost
Writers: Ricky Blitt

Plot: Peter gives Lois’s “rainy day fund” to a scam artist selling volcano insurance. On that same night Stewie breaks Meg’s glasses, because he hates being watched while he sleeps, and so Lois tells Peter that he needs to recover the money to buy their daughter a new pair of glasses.

Max helping Peter with the salesmanDepressed by his financial woes, Peter is interested when Quagmire and Cleveland describe great financial successes attained after hiring men with Jewish-sounding names and decides that he needs a Jew to handle his money (though Cleveland pointedly tells Peter the mens' religion is not the point of the stories) in an elaborate musical number based on “When You Wish upon a Star.” When a Jewish man named Max Weinstein (Peter Riegert) has car trouble outside the Griffin house, Peter takes it as a sign and after a footchase, Peter pressures Max into helping him get the emergency money back. Max later recovers the money from the scammer. After accompanying Max to synagogue (“Temple Beth Thupporting Actor”) and inviting him over for dinner, Peter comes to the conclusion that Chris would get better grades and be more successful if he converted to Judaism.

He secretly drives Chris to Las Vegas, Nevada for a quick Bar Mitzvah after Lois displays objection to his idea, but she arrives just in time to stop the ceremony. A crowd, angry that Lois is apparently insulting their religion, chases the Griffins until they escape onto a bus which is full of nuns who are not happy about Peter’s straying from Catholicism.
Star Wars in a Historical perspective
In the movie, written by George Lucas, Episode IV - A New Hope. There are many mythical, religious and spiritual symbols portrayed. The Jedi's believe in the Force, which is a religion of which they abide. The Force is the backbone of the Jedis and they turn to this when in trouble. The opposite of the Force is the "Dark Side of the Force." The Dark Side is lead by and evil Jedi named Darth Vador and his master, the emperor. The opposing side is looking to get rid of the entire Jedi population by using fierce actions by the emperors Storm Troopers.

In the movie the Jedis can be compared to the Jews in World War II. The similarities that both figures share deal with strength. The Jews today have been able to stick together and follow their religion even through the harshest times. Hitler's army, The SS and Gestapo during World War II were after the Jews to demolish their entire race. Hitler would put the Jews though hell. The Jews were forced to move from place to place. They would begin in the ghettos, then onto the concentration camps and worst of all, Hitler put them in death camps where the majority of the Jews died.

Hitler was the one of the biggest icons in World War II, as well as the cruelest, yet most powerful dictator who ever lived. Hitler's ambition was to be in charge of the entire world and he believed that the Jews were in his way. In episode IV Darth Vador and his master are set out to destroy the "good" side of the Force. For instance, in World War II, Hitler used the SS and Gestapo to help him succeed and to keep the Jews retained. Episode IV had Darth Vador using the Storm Troopers, an army which he created out of pure evil, to attempt to stop the Jedis' from ruing there plans.

Regardless of the challenges these groups faced, the force and the Jewish religion will always be strong. Despite the hardships they are faced with, it is important to keep in mind that the good will rise above. Lucas was very creative in using mythical, spiritual and religious symbols in the movie and it showed by all the extreme ratings it has obtained over the years. Episode IV showed a brilliant breakthrough in technology that helped to capture the storyline. Maybe Lucas created some of his ideas for the movie from the history of World War II.

by Anonymous Student


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