Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Are Jew Hot? Hottest Half Jew Competition - Please Enter

Rules of engagement - Must have 1 parent who is 100% Jewish blood or Can have 2 parents that are each half Jewish or any combination the results in the competing individual being exactly 50% Jewish blood. Her are some examples;

1) Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet have 1 Jewish parent so you can vote on them but at the same time their daughter Zoe Isabella Kravitz (raised Jewish FYI) is also 50% Jewish blood

2) Kate Hudson (25%) and Chris Robinson (50%) would only make their son, Ryder Russell Robinson 37.5% so he could not compete. But at age 3 he would be too young to be considered anyhow. Let's try to keep it legal at 18 but if a 16 year old slips thru I am ok with that. Everyone knew when they saw 12 year old Natalie Portman in "The Professional" that she was months away from being "Hot" but as a 100% Jew she also would not be eligible for this competition.
Ok I will throw out some obvious choices and you can vote or add your own contenders. But you must justify their Jewishness with some proof where I don't have to.
In no particular order or sex:
Scarlett Johansson (Jewish mom), Jake Gyllenhaal (Jewish mom), Phoebe Cates (Katz) {(Jewish Dad and maternal grandmother..hmmm might be too Jewish for the 50% group but since she is not 100% we will let her slide. She is a personal favorite since I was going through puberty during "Fast Times"..quick did Jew know on "Fast Times" There were at least 3 half Jewish stars in that film; besides Phoebe Cates, there was Sean Penn (Jewish father and well know director the late Arthur Penn), and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Daughter of actor father famous for being decapitated on the set of the "New Twilight Zone) but according to Wikipedia which I just read she is 100% Jewish which disqualifies her from being in this competition and from being in my "Fast Times" trivia on half Jews. Since we have a little thread going let me point out that her boyfriend of 4yrs - Noah Baumbach (A Jew and I am going to guess a 100% and from pictures I will say passable but not hot) directed "The Squid and the Whale" which stars Cates and half Jew raised Catholic Kevin Kline's (Dad Jewish but you need to tell me if he is considered "Hot" in terms of getting him in this comp) son Owen Kline (At 16 he is just too young to be hot..maybe the girls reading Tigerbeat (is that still around?) may feel differently and if so cast your vote..but then again as we just learned he may be out on a technicality of having more than 50% Jewish blood)}. I personally dont think Gwyneth Paltrow is hot but she keeps showing up on lists saying otherwise. Her late father was Jewish Director Bruce Paltrow. There are plenty more to be named but since I also have a day job I must sign out for now.
Had to jump back in with Jennifer Connelly (Jewish Mom, Irish Dad). At some points she may even be to hot to be on this list..you judge
Ok Yasmine Bleeth is another half-Jew that I don' think is hot but she is on the hot lists like Gwen. Maybe it is because I saw her mug shot and it is one of the all time. Also I just found out that Peggy Lipton (Original Mod Squad member) was Jewish thus making her and Quincy Jones's daughter Rashida Jones a half Jew. Now she may not be conventionally hot but her looks plus personality puts her on my list.

At this point it may be time for a new competition..hottest half black half Jew...

Whoops sorry ladies I forgot that you were not reading my posts too. So to add to Jake here is Jeremy Bloom (Jewish Dad..Olympic Skiier and Pro Football Player)

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