Sunday, September 2, 2007

Introjew yourself

This blog is to unburden myself of 40 years of relatively useless Jewish pop culture information and trivia. Likeminded individuals will be given momentary superiority complexes and a feeling that they are not alone in this vast sea of jewitalls. As an amature genealogist my belief is that 20-40% of Americans over the last 150 years are of Jewish ancestory. And that at every major event at least one Jew was present. Did Jew Know that a Jew fought in the alamo? (I would ask if you care but since you are on this site I would imagine you do) He was from England so now when you remember the Alamo remember him Jew..sorry I meant too. For some reason I Jew that all the time. Jewsme, there are go again. With no futher ajew here we go..

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