Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Rosh Hashanah Music Video Just for Jew

YouTube - I Gotta' Love You Rosh Hashanah


Nikol said...

That's all fine. What, however, do you think about Obadiah Shoher's criticism pf Rosh Hashanah as aholiday that has nothing to do with New Year? Here, for example

bpositive said...

I am not heavy into the religion side of Judaism but more on the pop culture and random facts as they relate to the Jews. I am checking with "The Rabbi" for his thoughts on the Petty Paganism blog. I really don’t have any comment on it. When I go to services I am looking at the crowd..any movie people in the house or to see how many young and or good looking people show up. But for religious text and refutations (is that a word) you need to try another blog. BTW how did you run across my blog in the first place? Thanks

bpositive said...

Here is what "The Rabbi" says:

There were 4 new years in the mishna...the others died out as we lost the land tied to those new years...I can explain further...reason for the one in autumn...the new year tied to time as you could carry it wherever you went in our was portable...Baal shem tov is hardly –G-d this guy is raving...the idea of symbolically shaking off one's sins in water with the vow to renew oneself can hardly be compared to Jesus driving demons into this person on a hallucinogenic or what? One is tied to the Jewish view that water is a place where life emerged and is used like in mikvah to separate parts of our lives...this person is simply on a illogical tear to press his/her own falsehoods about Judaism... Kaparot was an ancient custom replacing the sacrifice in Bible to a typical animal on a farm...not used by most Jews for the declaration that these Jews who practice tashlich or that kissing torah scrolls as a sign of love and respect is idolatry is ludicrous beyond comment...I have no use for whomever this is and can’t abide responding to this nareshkeit...but took time only for you...cause you’re worth it!!!