Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jewish Reality

I spend a fair amount of time watching reality shows..not all but enough to write tonight's blog. In America today there is believed to be less than 2% of the population calling themselves Jewish. If this is so how come there are so many not just contestants on reality shows but finalists and winners. Here are a few cases in point

Max Crumb the male winner of "You are the one that I want" (Gets to headline the new Broadway rendition of Grease). Not only did he win but he beat out real live soap opera hunks with six packs, dancing and singing ability. He got to live every nerdy Jew's high school fantasy. But in reality, I mean real reality, one of the guys he beat was a fat kid in school and the other a ex -skinny cross country runner but for the sake of my blog lets pretend they are the WASP's that we need them to be. See if you can guess from this line up which is Max:

Yep you were right.

We know that the original host of the History Channel's reality show "Digging For the Truth", Josh Bernstein was Jewish and sharp (Because of course you read my blog on "Indiana Jews" posted a few days ago), but since it wasn't a competition show we wont count him. But the African Survivor Tribe has spoken and their choice for the winner of the 3rd season was real life member of the tribe Ethan Zohn. On a side note he lost his father around the age of 15 and so did Bernstein. Not sure what that means but they both have found themselves named in tabloids as "Sexy Men of the Year" etc. Unfortunately he started dating and is still with gentile Jenna Morasca who was the winner of the 4Th season of Survivor. Well who knows maybe she will convert so we don't drop down to 1% of the US.

I doesn't seem to matter what the competition is..dancing, singing,acting, surviving (even though they are all Jewish staples) or even cooking as Ilan Hall proved finishing first on the 2ND season of "Top Chef".

In dance we had Lauren Gottlieb finish in the top 6 and the 3rd place girl from the 3rd season of "So you think you can dance".

Winner from the "Biggest Loser" season 2 stay home and compete was NJ Comedian Poppi Kramer. She lost more that half her body weight.

Her only problem was that 90% of her stand -up material was about being fat.

In the 4Th season of the Apprentice Rebecca Jarvis finished 2nd and could have shared the title but the winner said "No" when Trump asked if he would share his thrown. She is now a general assignment reporter, based at CNBC’s world headquarters and covers the NASDAQ and NYMEX.

I am going to bed now..more tomorrow or should I say later today

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