Thursday, September 27, 2007

Say Shalom to Me!

I have only had this site up for a few weeks but I have noticed since getting a web counter that everyday more and more people are visiting "The Blog". Even though I blog mainly for my own entertainment if you are going to stop by and spend some time with my thoughts then I would like some feedback. If there is something Jewish you would like to see or see more of you can comment on my site or send an email to For instance after looking at many message boards I found several Jewish Koreans who thought that they were alone out there. But after reading my previous post they can take comfort in knowing that there are others as equally messed up. If you want me to add a link to your blog or website I will be happy to under 2 conditions. 1) There is Jewish relevancy to the link, 2) Your link is either entertaining or educational or hopefully both. I will decide as I know what "Funny" is. And with 6.5 years taken to get my undergrad I have as much college as a doctor so I know what educational is too. Spelling and grammar will not work against you as I am looking for content and because I cant spell or structure sentence correctly either.

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