Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Office Tonight and the Big Boss is a Jew!

B.J. Novak is promoted to Micheal Scott's boss in the 4th season of "The Office". I was looking for some way to put my favorite comedy on my blog and after some digging I found a Jew. Novak's father is also the co-editor of The Big Book of Jewish Humor. Here is some info on tonight's season opener:
The Office: New Season Four Info
For the latest The Office news, subscribe to our RSS feed or email newsletter. Email this Article to a FriendJuly 24, 2007
It's very, very rare that a half-hour comedy will make fans legitimately care about where the story is going to go coming into a new season. The Office is one of those rare shows. Not only is it the funniest show on TV (when Curb Your Enthusiasm returns, we'll talk), its plot lines, and cliffhangers between seasons, are truly meaningful to fans. So, when executive producer Greg Daniels spoke to press late last week and gave some hints about what's to come on season four of The Office, fans listened. Thanks to IGN, here are the major nuggets of info regarding the upcoming season of The Office.
Daniels, on Jim and Pam: "That's a big part of the show. I think you can look for some new things happening." He continued, when asked if audiences might finally get to see them actually, you know, together: "I think that would be interesting! …But I won't answer. I'm willing to be coy with all these things!"
Although Rashida Jones (who plays Karen), has a new sitcom on FOX (Rules for Starting Over), she will appear in a few episodes this season. When those episodes will be remains unclear.
Roy is no longer a main character on the show, but we may see him turn up at some point. Jan remains a main cast member.
They have not finalized any guest stars as of yet.
Daniels, on how season three ended, with Jim returning from New York to ask Pam out: "Well, I thought it was a great ending to that episode. I think you want to be a little bit ahead of people's expectations, and not give them exactly what they're expecting to get, but still give them something satisfying, because it engages the dynamics that they're interested in. But I would think it would be a shame if everybody knew what was going to happen with the next episode and then got it." The Office will premiere its fourth season September 27 on NBC

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