Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Author of Budda Sex Will be Speaking at the UCLA Conference on Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Dr.Elisha Goldstein is one of our favorite Jewish transcendental psychologists so if you are going to be in LA this Oct 5th make sure you stop by the UCLA Conference on Mindfulness and Psychotherapy. Here is some more info on the event

Friday October 5, 2007
UCLA Conference on Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
Mindful Attachments: A Father-Son Journey into Relationships
Dr. Elisha Goldstein and Rabbi Jan Goldstein

So much of attachment theory in our field focuses on the relationship between mother and daughter. It’s no secret that in Western culture the messages that are passed down from father to son, consciously and unconsciously, often deal with ways to show strength, how to win, while remaining unemotional. The result is embedded judgment about being compassionate, vulnerable, and showing emotion, which creates a schism in the bond between father and son and the generations that follow. In this workshop you will be led through a father son journey illustrating how the principles of mindfulness (presence, patience, non-judging, acknowledgment, non-striving, letting be) transformed their relationship from pain to empowerment, from wound to sacred wound. Additionally, inspired from their relationship, practical research, application, and technique will be presented that explores how to use mindfulness to create and cultivate sacred moments in daily life. Clinicians will be guided through a couple mindfulness practices to provide an experiential understanding of the technique to bring into practice with clients, family, and at home. Join us in this meaningful exploration of story, research, application, and technique that will give you the tools to use mindfulness to foster change in your life and the lives of your clients.

Other speakers at the conference include The Venerable Thich Nhat Hahn, Concetta Alfano, Tara Brach, John D. Buksbazen, Trudy Goodman, Harriet Kimble-Wrye, Jack Kornfield, Sara W. Lazar, Pat Ogden, Marjorie Schuman, Daniel J. Siegel.

If interested in attending, visit this site to find out more: http://www.lifespanlearn.org/

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